Our company’s cold storage operations began in 2010 when we built our own 2000-metric tons (2000 pallets) of cold storage facility in Navotas, Metro Manila. We mainly provide rental and leasing of cold storage space  to food processing clients.

Seven years later our business evolved and required us more cold storage space, 8500-metric tons (8500 pallets). So in 2017 in response to our customers needs, we started to build a bigger and modern cold storage facility in Kawit Cavite,  thus the beginning of  Antarctica Cold Storage, Inc.

With the experiences acquired over the years, our management in Antarctica Cold Storage is able to understand and offer quality service to the individual needs of our customers.

Each facility caters to extensive range of exporters, importers, local wholesalers and retailers, and manufacturers. It also accommodates wide arrays of frozen products like frozen fish, frozen meats, fresh vegetables, onions and imported fruits.